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About Katarina Vancova

When I am taking pictures, I am in my own world .

Thanks to my past and all the circumstances which formed my present life I am able to do what I really like and enjoy. I started to fulfill my dream one year ago. From that time on, there is no day I think of something else but photography – my beloved hobby...or a mission?:)

From the very beginning is my „pet thing“ a street photography – I always look forward when I have an opportunity for visiting new places, meeting people who are living in. I am fascinated by nature too, from the greatest views to the little things in the grass.:)

I also do like weddings, because it is the unique day of two happy people and it is always my pleasure to catch the beautiful moments which will be – thanks to my photos - remembered by the whole family.

Because every person is different and beautiful, I also find original and interesting a portrait photography. Future mothers, children, families, couples – everything is unique and has its´ own charm. I am enjoying the moments when I am able to spend the time and get to know the new people, even just through the camera view finder.

I am fascinated by another genres, too – product photography, especially taking photos of cakes and desserts is a great opportunity for using my imagination.

Photography and everything connected with it totally got me....
...because when I am taking pictures I am in my own world.

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